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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a homeopath is treating whole families.

Here are some testimonials from a few of them…

Wendy has been helping my two daughters during their teenage years and into adulthood. She has a clear, balanced and conscientious approach. Sometimes she has consulted via me, other times directly with my daughters.


Both ways have worked successfully to help them return to balance and move forward in their lives. They would recommend Wendy to their friends.  Wendy is reliably kind, warm, caring and professional.



After years of suffering with ear problems relating to eczema and psoriasis, I was told by the NHS that there was little they could do except use steroids. This didn’t solve or improve my situation. 


I was then advised to give homeopathy a try and Wendy Hessey was highly recommended. Initially feeling very sceptical, I decided to give it a go.


My psoriasis has now eased and manageable, and my hearing and ear condition is the best it has ever been. 

I cannot thank Wendy enough for all that she has done for me.


Wendy has really helped me with numerous ailments. Her warm and caring attitude make her very easy to talk to. Her vast knowledge and experience have resulted in her recommending the right remedies for me.


Wendy has been treating my children since they were born. Whether it’s teething pains, chicken pox or verrucas, she is always happy to help and takes time to make sure she is recommending the right remedy for them




In 2012 I started suffering from recurring travelling joint pain. I never knew where or when these pains would start. Once they started, they would last for up to 48 hours and make any movement in that particular joint extremely painful, often resulting in time off work.


I finally managed to get a hospital referral and have been diagnosed with recurrent inflammatory arthritis/ tenses novitis. The treatment on offer was steroids. This was not the route I wished to take.


I decided to try homeopathic medicine having used it over the years for my boys. Wendy Hessey came highly recommended. Since taking homeopathic medicine my joint pains have gone from 2-3 a month to 2 a year. Wendy has also helped me to cope with early onset of the menopause, all the physical and mental issues that come with it, as HRT didn’t work for me.


Thank you Wendy, for helping me get my life back, using treatment without side effects.



I cant remember when I started seeing Wendy, but I can remember why.  I was taking painkillers for my back. With Wendy’s guidance I was off the painkillers and pain free within a couple of days. Since then she has supported me through whooping cough, chest infections, and tonsillitis. It has taken me several years to recover from whooping cough which left me susceptible to cough and colds. This winter, I haven’t succumbed!


I am allergic to penicillin and seem to reject other antibiotics. Without Wendy and homeopathy, I would feel miserable!


I am now approaching menopause and my periods are beginning to take over my life. I take one or two doses of the remedy and I am liberated.


Wendy is deeply caring and attentive, and I trust her to look after me. She is open to working alongside other professionals and the medical system.

I often feel better just for speaking to her and the remedy seals the deal. 

Her knowledge of Materia Medica and homeopathic practice is grounded and thorough. I regularly recommend her as a homeopath. She's amazing. Thanks Wendy!


Life Changing Help!


My teenage children and I have all benefited from Wendy’s care and attention over the last six years. Feeling very out of sorts with hormonal changes and sudden grief, Wendy helped get me back to a properly functioning person. She also helped my children with chronic immune system problems and challenging moods and mental wellbeing.


From a gentle listening ear to constitutional remedies, Wendy really has made a difference.


We can all highly recommend Wendy!


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